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13 Black nickel - Silver plated brass - B-Alessandra Black/Silver
96 Mat satin brass - C-Alessandra Murrine  ∅40
09 Nickel mat - A-Alessandra Gold  ∅40
In the picture model ALESSANDRA in black nickel with finial black-silver.
Curtain set in diameter 40 mm, in simple and double version.
Available in several finishes and with finials in colour: gold, black-silver and Murrine.

Diameter Ø40


160 180 200 220 250 340


01 Polished lacquered brass
03 Polished chrome
04 Silver plated brass
08 Black nickel
09 Nickel mat
13 Black nickel - Silver plated brass
96 Mat satin brass

Color/Combined material

A-Alessandra Gold
B-Alessandra Black/Silver
C-Alessandra Murrine

Brackets - Wall system

Barocco bracketRecess bracketRings for double closed bracket


Finial Alessandra


Holdbacks Disco Ring with inlay and metal eyelet

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