Custom-made roller blinds of 100% Italian Design, many mechanisms and fabrics models for hundreds of combinations and customizations.

Quality does not need to be explained but just admired

Furnishing and personalizing a house with style is the mantra of Casa Valentina that in these decades of activity has continuously researched new production solutions for responding to the evoluted market trends.
The new catalogue for roller blinds systems is the result of the study and the innovation for offering complete curtain systems.
Thanks to the development in the production and in the fabric confectioning, Casa Valentina now proposes a wide range of adaptable solutions to any housing need.
Casa Valentina offers and produces custom-made roller blinds, panels, hidden in the ceiling systems of small and big dimensions, personalizing them with laser engraving.
Being able to count on various fabric colours and textures combined to the different systems, we invite you to choose the best solution for your home, office or any other living environment by consulting the collections below.

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