In every project signed by Casa Valentina, quality and safety cannot be missing. In fact, the company has always been committed to respecting technical and quality standards to offer the final public high quality products that comply with the regulations in force.


One has come into force since 2014 new European standard (UNI EN 13120) which requires compliance with certain safety requirements. The new safety standards aim to avoid, as much as possible, risks of strangulation by children and people with reduced mental capabilities.

Each Casa Valentina model that requires the use of chains is equipped with the right safety devices that allow the chain to be fixed to the wall or window, preventing the child from reaching it. Furthermore, each chain is equipped with fixed safe tensioning devices which do not allow the formation of a dangerous loop, thus avoiding any risk of accident.

In addition to this, Casa Valentina has also imposed safety standards for installation: defining a maximum length of the chain with tensioning device for each product.

On the contrary, the Casa Valentina roller blinds, which do not require the use of chains, eliminate any risk at the base. In fact, these are systems that involve motorized movement of the awning.

Casa Valentina reiterates on every occasion compliance with basic safety standards, including the importance of keeping beds, cots or furniture away from chains so as not to undermine the respected safety standards.